Flyer Promotions

Flyer Promotions

Hang Flyers-Pull Tabs

Hit the street. Start by doing a little bit of research. Drive/walk around your area and look for establishments with community bulletin boards.

community bulletin boards -------------------- community bulletin boards

Record key places on a google map. Google maps has a great service for creating personal maps. This is an easy way to create documentation on where to go. Down the road you can share this custom map with new members of your team or friends that want to help you out.

Bring your own adhesives. Every board is different and you should be ready for all of them. Create a kit consisting of Gorilla Tape (for walls with no boards), flat thumbtacks (these are harder for others to steal and use for their own posters), magnets (for magnetic bulletin boards like Starbucks). Have a kit and be ready for anything.

Build a routine for checking and reapplying your Flyers. You will always have to check your spots and put new material up. Build it into your routine or set up a system to take turns making rounds.


Below is a list of places that are known to have community bulletin boards.

You should start with 1 State and hang flyers everywhere then target the rest, CT, Mass, NY, NJ, PA, IL, OH, TX, MA, ME, etc..

Hang Flyers at : All Community Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are typically found in public places near entranceways.

Home Depot
Local Super markets
Post Office
Apartment Buildings
Coffee shops
Book stores
Shops near universities & colleges
Almost any indie type store
Music stores
Grocery stores
Dog exercise parks
Auto Repair Shop
Auto Parts Store
Beauty shops
Bus Stations
Copy Pack & Mail
Food Lion grocery
Gyms/Health Clubs
Hardware stores
Hospitals - (Waiting Rooms, employee break rooms, Trauma center etc..)
Kroger grocery
Office complex
Repair Shops
UPS Stores
barber shops
beauty parlors
doctor, dentist offices
bus, train stations
phone booths
and rest rooms.
car wash
Grocery Stores
Gyms / Recreational Facilities
Churches (not just your own, and not just your own denomination)
Coffee Shops
Break Rooms / Waiting Rooms / Lunch Rooms
Community Centers
Union Halls
Beauty Salons
Restaurants / Bars
Convenience Stores
Smaller Shopping Centers
College and University Common Areas
Rest stops on highways have a visitor information area with tons of brochures.
Taxi cabs, buses and other public means of transportation will do.

National Chains that often have message boards:

Panera Bread
Caribou Coffee
Barnes & Noble
Whole Foods
Pot Belly Sandwich Shops
Jimmy Johns




Door hanger service - Flyer distributing service



Promotional flyers are a common tool used by small companies to promote a new business or product. They are relatively low-cost and effective placement can gain you exposure in a local marketplace. Strategic placement is key, though you must also considered local laws on posting flyers.

Laws on posting flyers aren't common at the state level, however, many towns and cities have ordinances restricting or outlining where flyers can be posted to prevent clutter. Some communities restrict or ban affixing flyers to city light poles. Mailboxes are especially prohibited and putting flyers up on someone's private property without permission is a no-no. Local schools and public buildings may also have policies restricting placement. You typically have first amendment rights to post flyers, but you need to check in to local laws to avoid legal consequences, a fine, wasted money or embarrassment, you may need to call first and get permission or check on restrictions.


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